Electric rim-drive conversions are now available for all Wheel models except the HY-5 cable drive Wheel.

Enjoy improved performance and environmental friendliness. Conversions are available for both existing rim-drive systems and cable-drive Wheels.

Any existing Scrambler can be converted to the Next Generation Mobile Scrambler.

After conversion, the ride will fold on its own 28-foot trailer and can be set up by three people in half the time. In an age of labor shortage and escalating transportation costs, its the perfect solution for any mobile operator.

Eli Bridge Company now sells and can install LED Lighting Systems.

We currently offer LED lighting systems from the most complex color changing patterns thru basic colored globe chasing packages with LED bulbs.  Just let us know what you would like and we can put a system together for you.

LED Lighting Systems are from but not limited to
Denny's Electronics
or other custom packages upon your request.

A variety of options are available.
Please call 217-245-7145

As the manufacturer of the rides we can determine the best method in mounting these new lighting systems.  Let us handle it for you.

Call 217-245-7145 to inquire.